“Left Brain – Right Brain”

Video art, 2012

Generally speaking, each hemisphere of the brain has a dominant function (80-90%) connected to the opposite side of the body. The right brain controls the left side of the body and inversely the left brain controls right side.
It’s popularly believed that the left brain is used for logic and right brain develops the artistic side of each individual. However it seems simplistic and stereotypical generalization like a pseudoscience. From a scientific point of view, the brain is considered as a much more complex system.
Although, the right and left side of the face are very different, more feminine or more masculine, more beautiful or more strange,,, The meaning of this “pseudo-experiment” is to recognize our two sides, different but indivisible whether linked to each hemisphere of the brain or not.
Moreover, the imbalance between both sides still allows a harmony which makes each human being unique.