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What is information? The accuracy of your date was considered very important in science. I was surprised when the people easily share information without clarifying the source on internet, or often believed a piece of information from internet without questioning its accuracy. But when I heard the phrase “The history we learned is a record of the winner”, I realized every information has the same aspect: when an information is relayed to us, it become “fact” which cut off from the real moment by someone’s subjective point of view through personal judgment. As per its nature, I think also the information is amplified by the number of its readers. Information is interpreted in multiple ways due to differences in their past, background, emotion, sensation, belief etc…… Our perception can never detached from the past of each person. Now, the blooming of the “heterarchy” system of internet, give to all of us the power of recording like as a journalist and can allow us to share ‘your history’ all over the world. In this world, your data is not required the proof to its existence.

This series “INFORMATION” is visually presented with landscapes and figures in the street and inserted texts, dates, or with page number as an old archive. I tried to find visuals which seem to a real, but are not. The border of dubiousness between real and imaginary, this fragility, that’s what I’m looking for.


information-009, ema kawanago

information-008, ema kawanago

information-003, ema kawanago

information 002, ema kawanago

information 001, ema kawanago


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